City officials apparently can be bothered to ask

Meet The NYPD’s Private Piggy Bank

Last month, the NYPD announced a new mobile app for the police department to receive crime tips from the public through the touch of a phone. CS NYC is Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica an extension of the department Crime Stoppers tipster program, which was conceived and promoted by the NYPD and the New York City Police Foundation, a conduit of private money from city elites, corporations and real estate developers to the police for almost half a century.

The foundation, a public private was started in 1971 by the Association for a Better New York, a consortium of business interests linked to a turn towards the privatization of New York City in the 1970 and which is still influential today. Led by Lewis Rudin, a real estate developer who created replica louis vuitton bags a family empire of city property, ABNY would later back an unsuccessful attempt to create a private police force.

While the private police idea high quality replica handbags china didn hold, the foundation did. It was the first private foundation for a police department ever established in the United States (other cities would soon follow). The Police Foundation came on the heels of the epic police corruption scandal revealed by the Knapp Commission, which was itself a result of whistleblower cop Frank Serpico revelations. It is the only non public organization in the city that is legally permitted to raise funds for the police department.

The foundation, created by the obviously incorruptible rich, sought to restore confidence in a police force largely exposed as corrupt. It also aimed to provide resources for cops that might be difficult to get through the democratic process dolabuy , especially at a time when city was mired in economic woes. When the NYPD mounted horses division was in danger of being cut in the 70 the foundation paid for horses for the next two decades. Next came bulletproof vests. The gifts became more sophisticated and influential: high quality designer replica handbags bomb detonating robots, the early computers for the COMPSTAT crime mapping system, the Real Time Crime Center and more recently police body cameras.

The foundation also sought to change hearts and minds replica louis vuitton , paying for a failed community newsletter to promote the police department efforts. In addition to CS NY, other modern day foundation initiatives cheap replica handbags include a program that puts virtual reality goggles on kids so they can better identify with cops. The foundation also pays for an advertising campaign for the department dubious policing program.

Crime Stoppers, which I criticized in the past, is perhaps the aaa replica designer handbags foundation best known initiative because it bombards television airwaves with images of crime, which may add to public misconceptions about how much crime exists, and asks viewers to become paid informants. Crime Stoppers seems to also enjoy the support and collaboration of media outlets, like NY1 News (which has been honored by the foundation and whose parent company, Spectrum, is a donor). The New York Times has also acknowledged its longstanding relationship with the Police Foundation.

From left: Jon Bon Jovi, Jimmy Buffett, Ray Kelly, Michael Douglas, Ron Perelman and Chevy Chase at the 40th annual New York City Police Foundation gala in 2011.

The foundation dollars even spread across the globe as it shares the costs with the NYPD for its International Liaison program, which stations Intelligence Officers and their families abroad in places like Israel. Abu Dhabi, (in 2017 the UAE donated $2 million dollars to the foundation) also hosts an NYPD officer. This program may be the foundation most ambitious effort as it underscores a local police force expanding, military like reach. Collaboration with Israel has come under scrutiny by some who criticize the department sharing of surveillance tactics and worldview with Israeli security forces.

Some of the foundation lesser known programs raise other concerns. The Officer for an Evening program takes celebrities and well to do New Yorkers, some of whom are donors, on police ride alongs. Dan Rather, former CBS anchor (and donor), tagged along with cops as they searched for a robbery suspect in a public housing development. Another program participant hung out with top NYPD officials over hors d and drinks. He hadn previously been a donor but was asked to donate later on.

Was allowing Rather to play deputy in a crime fighting fantasy through the projects a paid perk? Was the Police Foundation selling access to the NYPD in order to fund itself which in turn funds the police?

Police commissioners love the foundation. Former NYPD commish Ray Kelly got it to pay for his membership at the prestigious Harvard Club as well as for a political consultant when he was mulling a run for mayor. Fellow top cop (and Harvard Club bro) Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags Bill Bratton reportedly got NYPD consulting jobs for his friends through the foundation, perhaps because of his ability to raise money for them. From the NY Post:

Foundation records show that Bratton has raised money to pay for the contracts by rubbing shoulders with titans of real estate and finance. One spreadsheet credits him with generating more than $2.6 million in donations between January 2014 and July 2014.

So who are bow ties behind the New York fake louis bag City Police Foundation?

The foundation today is headed by Andrew Tisch, co chair of the Loews Corporation, and part of the famous billionaire Tisch family that has run or owned the Loews movies, CBS and the New York Giants. The Tisch name can be found on buildings at NYU and the Metropolitan Museum. Andrew niece, Jessica, is the NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Information Technology.

The foundation current board of trustees is overwhelmingly white. The collection of past and former members reads like an invite list for a party you not invited to:

H. Dale Hemmerdinger, mega real estate developer; Abby Elbaum louis vuitton copy bags uk , real estate developer; Laurence Fink, CEO of Blackrock, the world biggest financial management firm; Benjamin Winter, real estate developer; Eric J. Gertler, former co publisher of the New York Daily News; John Greed (you read that right), CEO of Mutual of America; Bob Kraft, New England Patriots owner; Stephen J. Meringoff, billionaire commercial property owner; Ron Perelman, billionaire businessman; Mort Zuckerman, real estate titan and former owner of the New York Daily News; David Millstone, CEO Standard Industries; Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump daughter, and several Rudins, the dynastic real estate family.

NYPD Police Commissioner James O speaks at New York City Police Foundation of the NYPD breakfast in January.

Once a year, Police Foundation donors come together for a gala where the Police Commissioner and Mayor often give speeches to congratulate everyone for the cash infusion into the NYPD. At this year event, where tables sell for as high as $100,000, the foundation raised a record high $5.5 million dollars. The deep pocketed corporate donors include AT Goldman Sachs; Viacom, Bank of America; Verizon; Morgan Stanley; replica louis vuitton Fidelity Investments; BlackRock; Fox Corporation; Hearst Corporation; Tischman Speyer; the Mets; the Yankees; Con Edison; National Grid 1:1 replica handbags and many other recognizable names.

In 2015, after the revelations of the gigs for Bratton cronies framed the foundation as a police bank, the City Council said they would hold public hearings about the Police Foundation (the idea was also floated in 2010). The hearings never happened. There was similar inaction after a 2017 Politico investigation suggested that donors could leverage their contributions into contracts with the police department. City officials apparently can be bothered to ask questions.

are no accountability measures with the foundation, says Christian Covington, an attorney who has worked on police accountability research at NYU Institute for Public Knowledge. He says that when private contributions benefit the department, not clear if the police favor certain monied interests. He referred to a police crackdown on vendors who sold knock off designer bags and clothes under Ray Kelly and wonders if this was because fashion companies influence the police department. (Louis Vuitton is a recent donor to the foundation).

The trail of questions following the Police Foundation ultimately form an answer: the New York City Police Foundation shouldn exist. Period. If someone on the street gave a cop a $100 to pay for a new gun, it would be illegal for them to accept it but the foundation allows for this on a much larger and more sophisticated level, raking in about $12 million dollars in 2018 and at least $100 million to date.

When technological gifts and questionable initiative are paid for with private dollars for a public agency, there is no public transparent process that asks what worked, what didn or whether any of this was even a good idea. All that matters in these instances is whether NYPD leadership and the foundation board, made up of the city ultra elite, thinks the cops should have it. The rest of us aren consulted but are affected. The department already has a nearly $6 billion dollar annual public budget. It certainly doesn need another pile of money under the mattress.

The irony is that the Police Foundation was created at a time when the corruption of cops taking bribes from drug dealers was universally decried. Now, the department accepts gifts from hedge funders and real estate firms as cheap louis vuitton bags from china our wealthy overlords enjoy a pipeline to a police department that criminalizes poverty.

If a private war chest overseen by unelected elites at some level shapes NYPD tactics and policy, this creates the impression and confirms the reality that the police serve the rich.

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